CI Membership 3.1.3

Kickstart your projects with a fully functioning login script!

Built with:

Social logon

Make it easy on members to login and register by using Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Github or many of the other providers that offer OAuth2 authentication.

User management

Keep track of your members and their data. Have full control over their access and create, delete, ban, unban, deactivate or activate users on the fly.

Configurable options

Everything is configurable and settings are cached to make sure everything runs smoothly. You can for example disable the whole site or only the registration option.

ACL included

In-house coded Access Control System that offers user roles and realms enabling you to set up highly complex security systems spanning all your private pages.

Fully responsive design

The control panel has been adapted to work on all devices and has many configurable items in its design. Choose from several page layouts to fit your needs.

Simple, fast, powerful

Time was taken to write an extensive manual and the code is commented and clearly structured. We use tried and tested code from leading open-source authors.

Many more features will be added based on your input.

There's already 72 tickets for the next version(s).