Litigation Services

1.  Civil & Commercial Disputes
2.  Arbitration & Contracting Disputes
3.  Real Estate & Rental Disputes
4.  Labor Disputes
5.  Criminal Cases
6.  Family Disputes and Sharia’a Issues

Legal & Paralegal Services

1.  Legal Opinion
2.  Drafting Agreements
3.  Serving Legal Notices
4.  Company Formation
5.  Corporate Governance
6.  Offshore Company Registration  
7.  Trademark Registration

Debt Collection Services

1.  Amicable settlement through mediation on Business to Business Debts.
2.  Resolving Bounced or Returned Cheque Issues
3.  Collection of unpaid invoices through mediation or fair debt collection practices
4.  Trade Debt Collections
5.  International Debt Collections


Al Bahar & Associates Law Firm based in United Arab Emirates aims to provide clients with comprehensive services and of the highest quality through its offices located in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Global Network

The firm have developed a Global Network to diversify its legal services by creating association / partnership with International Law Firms and Debt Collection in GCC, Italy , Russia, Hungary , Pakistan , India, Syria , in addition to 100 Debt Collection Agencies in every major Metropolitan area worldwide.